Sunday, January 27, 2008

ASV5: Preview 2

Update: Ian's tossed me a couple shots from the movie itself.

Kael'Thas, Ace Attorney!

Uh oh.

Azerothian Supervillains 5: Sneak peek

It's been a hectic month for me, working on my own upcoming machinima(previews soon), on my first commercial video editing job, as well as contributing to a couple other movie projects- in particular, Ian Beckman's excellent Azerothian Supervillains. Featuring some of WoW's biggest goon squad members as a rather campy set of supervillains scheming from within the Black Temple, it features ever improving animation and consistently excellent voice acting. Number five, potentially out as early as this week, is the most ambitious yet, and from the bits I've seen, I for one can't wait to see the rest!

Ian and I met in IRC(#machinima on quakenet- check it out!), and he asked what I could do about making a courtroom in wow. It was an interesting idea, and it was definitely a fun, if somewhat frustrating, experience.

My first attempt was to use a room model directly out of stormwind city- you might recognise the one I chose, the large building in the corner of the dwarven district. Looking at the model, though, revealed it to be horribly constructed, presumably due to automated optimization, and so I ended up modeling and texturing the entire room and a few of the objects from scratch, with the originals used as references. Most of the textures are edited version of wow standard ones.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy new year and stuff

Wow, haven't posted anything in a while... Well, not much has changed, really. I still need a job, moreso than last time I said so.

I doubt anyone who reads this blog(both of you) hasn't seen Escape From Orgrimmar, which I contributed slightly to. Since the clip is really short and easy to miss, here's an extended shot of it-

Also, new movie of my own in the works!