Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blizzard's 20th anniversary contest

So, I made a movie for Blizzard's 20th anniversary contest in 48 hours.

I really hadn't planned to enter, but Paus convinced me that I had to, at least, try if I actually came up with an idea. So I fooled around with some thoughts, but then gave it a rest, not really liking anything. Then I suddeny had a silly little idea and banged it out.

I learned that perhaps the most important thing is not to rush, though- I nearly killed my computer trying to multitask too much. I ended up losing more time with rebooting my computer and poking around inside it to see why it wasn't giving me a display than I did waiting for a render to finish to move to the next part.

Voice acting was done on extremely short notice, completely by amateur talent(including myself!), and thanks to Rob(the guy who plays the original Cad character) for wrangling some actors up for me while I was busy animating. Sadly, my usual suspects like TotalBiscuit wern't free on such short notice(can't blame them there, of course) which probably would have slammed th.

Given all the problems I had(including having to replace a video card during it) I'm pretty happy with the result, though I woulda liked to have had longer especially for dealing with the voice acting.

Assuming it gets into the voting round, I'm gonna need all the help I can with the votes!