Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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I hadn't really understood how huge a fanbase BasonSoosdon had until I saw that the trailer for his movie has 17k downloads on Warcraftmovies.com... Which is more people than I can say ever saw anything even associated with me before.

Speaking of WCM, take a look! See anyone familiar?

And in addition, now he's gotten onto the Blizz community page in yet another country(that's, what? Three, four?) today. And my rendering came along for the ride^_^

See anyone familiar?
Wow, my artwork now graces the front page of WoW Europe's French community spotlight... in French. I cannot speak french, but I've been given a rough translation by my friend Jordanis:

"Benefiting from an always-startling photography, one also notes the presence of a frenchman in the casting, Olibith. True to his reputation, he is here chased by charming damsels. Certainly, the Baron merits his noble titles and continues to opt for his unexpected but continually impressive mixtures: the "Little Nikita" overwhelms the whole of Gnomeregan."

I like the nickname they gave her a lot more than what Baron calls her, so I think I'll stick with Petite Nikita.

Congratulations to Baron Soosdon for getting on there, and for graciously offering to share his well earned French ladies! Also, grats to Olibith for the mention!

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