Saturday, December 29, 2007

Warsong Carol(contest version) published, extended version nearly complete

After much travail, and someone fooling around with my WCM account after I left it logged in, the contest version of Warsong Carol is released!

I was planning on spending a bit more time on the revision, but since apparently whatever is up by tomorrow is going to be posted on WoW Moviewatch, I decided I'd best put up what I have.

For some bizarre reason, the sound errors are still coming up, despite everything I try- I even tried rendering out an MP3 of the audio track and then recombining them... anyone know what could cause such a thing?

Also, I am looking for voice talent for my future work- if interested, contact me on #machinima, send a pm through warcraftmovies, or send an email to aogcomic AT to let me know.

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