Friday, February 8, 2008

Olibith, and a time lapse movie

Back after I helped Soosdon with UE0, Olibith asked if I'd mind doing a portrait for him- I started on one back then, but with all the other stuff I'd been doing it just kinda slipped through the cracks. So anyway, here it is. ^_^

I also posted a time lapse video showing the steps I took after importing the model through Modeler. I did have to make several trips back to Modeler though, as the video shows, to tweak geometry problems and to create the geometry for stuff like the beard, turban, and rebuilding the robe shoulders.

Of course, it really doesn't show the harder part(which most people really seem more interested in) but I only started saving pictures at around that point when someone asked me if I could show them some step by steps, which I realized was a pretty neat idea. I'm probably going to use the WCM blog I've been provided with to put up a brief tutorial, probably covering some basic lighting and skin shading.


Muffinator said...

Looks like awesomeness.

Xayo said...

lookin great pinki ;)