Friday, October 24, 2008

Alienware, part II

So now, the gripping finale! I promised everyone I'd finish it by the time the Dell laptop arrives...

Where we left off...

Well, now that I've installed the replacement RAM in the Alienware(the big spiky heat sinks on them were a bit frightening to install though!) it is pretty awesome.

So, here are some more pictures!

I've gotta say, when this guy turned on it sounded somewhat scary. It made an unholy wail...

And promptly failed to boot.

Turns out that the unholy wail is the Alienware equivalent to bios beeping, and the RAM had loosened in shipping.

That taken care of, a spooky glow suffused the machine- it looks really cool in the dark.

It's a lovely thing and for once I'm glad I don't have a cat- given that a good third of the computer is fans and intakes, I shudder to think how must dust the thing is sucking up even without having a feline sucked in like a pigeon with a jet engine.

And of course, the most important part... The interior!

This is with the original RAM- I'll take a picture of the super saijan gundam spiked replacement RAM sometime soon.
And of course, the dual GeForces SLIed together like a tasty layer cake of hardware acceleration.

A huge thanks to WeGame, and to both Gorndt and Oxhorn for keeping tabs on things, and to Alienware for promptly replacing the bad RAM! Now I need to get a couple games more recent than wow to try out on it(though it is really nice to see the WOTLK beta with max graphics/shadows enabled and still get better frame rates than my old computer with FRAPS running!). My rendering is super fast too, especially with multithreading.

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Mastrmind said...

Congratulations on winning the contest. That computer looks sick!