Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Very Northrend Christmas entry: Trees Things Happen

Well, after various trials, I managed to hack and cobble together my entry for Machinima.com's christmas contest:

I had to cut the movie for time pretty severely(around a minute) after the music and sound was already done, so you'll probably notice some discontinuities- sorry bout that. I had to make the movie in sections because of constant crashes(the source footage for this movie was ginormous), and when I assembled it the pieces seem to have been much longer together than I'd expected. Think I dropped a zero in my math somewhere. In any event, expect an uncut version eventually.

Special thanks to every who helped, especially my voice actors, and to Moo for forcibly convincing me to enter- I'm very glad I did!


Matt said...

It was cute, I liked it.

X-Cross said...

Whow, it supprises me that I haven't seen this machinima before. I like it alot, specially the tought of adding a goblin texture to a mask, it just looks awesome :P. Well, it's wierd that I haven't seen or heard about this machinima before. Usually vids like this get in the spotlight. Also I just got a little question, I saw that in the beginning of your vid the text goes up in particles/snow from one corner to another. I've been trying to find out how to do that for a looong time now but every time I ask someone they don't even answer :(.