Monday, July 28, 2008

The contest has begun!

It's OUT! "Busted by Baron Soosdon and Pinkhair" on Warcraftmovies! (See rest of post for details or if you need help.)


Go vote for us! Well, vote for who you think is best. But I think that's pretty much just saying the same thing.

I marked which one ours is, since there are two other movies with the same title:

If you cannot see the stream, you will need the latest version of Flash Player(9.0.115 or 9.0.124)


Anonymous said...

oh well :D what to say, awesome work

Pinkhair 3d said...

Thank you, Anonymous! Keep sticking it to the scientologists!

Spooner said...

Hey Pink! I got your message this morning and am currently writing a feature on the film. I'll post over on Soosdon's blog when I finish up as well.

It's great by the way, kind of like an all-star cast of my favorite machinimators and characters! The stream over on WCM though buffered about 13 times though which is a little disappointing.

Pinkhair 3d said...

Well, out movie was like twice as long and higher resolution than the others, so there was a lot to buffer...

Glad you liked it!